Real Consequences Of Alcohol Abuse As Noted By A Young Person


Three green, one white, two green, one white, three green again, on white, one green, one white, three green. This is the seemingly random sequence of colours in the tiles, on the floor, in the toilet, in the bathroom, in the pub that I drank too much in. It took only a couple of minutes to empty my stomach of sushi and beer, but it seems to be taking much longer to gather the strength to get up off the floor. Concentrating on small details seems to help me not dry-reach. I count one year, three months and 4 days since the last time I drink-vomited, knowing that it was only four days after my last birthday. I remember that I was already on my way home and, whilst walking through a public park I stepped in something. When I lifted my foot up to look at it, the smell of fresh dog turd hit me square in the face and I threw up directly onto the shit and the shoe. Then I put my foot back on the ground and continued walking, unabated. When I got home, I laid on the bed, entirely clothed and with the shoe still on my foot. I took great care in resting my leg with my foot dangling over the side of the bed. Good times.

3 Responses to “Real Consequences Of Alcohol Abuse As Noted By A Young Person”

  1. Aileen Wuornos Says:

    Hahaha, my theory is you’re not really drunk until you’re puking.
    And it’s weird how it does always seem more difficult getting back up than puking…

  2. ljuke Says:

    Your theory puts an interesting spin on the idea that bartenders cannot serve alcohol to drunk people.

  3. Aileen Wuornos Says:

    Hah, well, lucky for us, they get trained to put profit first and safety and responsibility second. I should know, I have an R.S.A (haha, hahah hahah)

    Also, I don’t go out to drink much anymore because it’s a fucking waste of money and who wants to spend $100+ getting shitfaced when I guy spend about $50 on a bottle of jacks and coke and just do it all myself.

    And the place I do drink at when I do go out, my family owns, so they can either serve me, or lose their job hahahaha.

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