Male Feminism


There was a reason that he didn’t hold the door open for me. He assured me that his not pulling my chair out for me was for a good reason. He told me of the old days in which women were repressed, mentally and physically. Husbands would play psychological games with their wives, hiding some of their possessions, pretending they had said things that they hadn’t, in an attempt to fool these women into thinking they were losing their minds. “It happens to all women after a certain age”, they would say. This form of abuse served to keep women weak, because men were afraid of them. Men were afraid that women could overpower them and take control of their patriarchal society.

The men thought it also important to keep women physically weak. This was achieved in a number of ways. Corsets were drawn tight, so as to disable the women’s ability to draw a full breath. Women were warned not to eat too much, lest they get fat and become unappealing to their husbands. But above all, women were never to exercise. They weren’t to take manual jobs. Lifting heavy objects was entirely unacceptable. Out of this need to keep women physically weak, was born chivalry. Men would open doors and pull back chairs out of a fear that their wives would grow muscles and rise up against them, usurping their thrones of dominance and forcing them to bondage.

For a first date, I felt as though he had confided more than necessary about his desires.

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