How To Achieve Marital Bliss


1: “So, you can melt metal down into any shape?”
2: “Yeah, as long as I have something to make a cast from.”
1: “That’s a strange hobby.”
2: “A friend of mine and his friends get together on weekends, dress up as medieval soldiers and re-enact battles, with swords.”
1: “Well yes, that’s stranger. So, do you think you could do me a favour?”
2: “What’s that?”
1: “I’d like you to melt this down into a bullet.”
2: “Is that your wedding band?”
1: “Yes, a .38, please.”
2: “Uh, I’m not sure I feel comfortable with that.”
1: “Why not?”
2: “How is Carole?”
1: “Fine. I have a real .38 slug here for you to work with…”
2: “Things are ok between the two of you?”
1: “Yes.”
2: “Ok.”
1: “Well maybe you can melt this into some form of knife?”
2: “I gave you that watch.”
1: “Yes, I know.”
2: “Let me see the ring again.”

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